Parliament Security Breach: Conspiracy was Planned a Year Ago?

A multi-agency probe is going on and during the initial investigation, it was learned that it was a pre-planned conspiracy which was hatched approx. 1 ½ years ago.

Significant revelations from initial investigation:

As per the senior intelligence officer and other sources

  • Conspiracy to breach security was planned for over a year
  • Discussed details about the planning and meetings in Mysore and Chandigarh 
  • Everyone met at Mysuru one and a half years back 
  • All characters for the parliament attack were carefully chosen
  • Even the slogans raised by them don’t add up, and they appear to be tutored
  • Suspects are highly educated and seem to be brainwashed into the act
  • A multi-agency probe was initiated into the background of the accused.
  • Local intelligence teams of all states have been tasked to profile them and verify their background at the earliest
  • Preparations were made for entering Parliament during the monsoon sessions, Sagar came from Lucknow in July 2023 but during that time could not make it 
  • They have conducted a recce outside the parliament beforehand 
  • Every action was pre-planned 
  • Main conspirator Lalit Jha orchestrated the security breach
  • Security breach linked to anti-government agenda
  • Members from various states were involved in the breach
  • The case has been registered under UAPA, indicating the seriousness of the conspiracy They will be treated like a terrorist 
  • All suspects were part of a group called the Bhagat Singh Fan Club
  • They all came from their respective state to Delhi on 10 Dec 2023 
  • They gathered near India Gate and colored crackers were handed over to them 
  • During the initial investigation connections ofthe attackers with opposition parties, Kisan Morcha, Shaheen Bagh, and Red Fort violence were established 
  • A Past Video of Neelam Azad has surfaced wherein she was found to be doing press conferences and propagating to change the Govt regime. She wants the Indian Congress to come to Power

Mastermind Behind the Security Breach

  • Though the Mastermind behind the security breach was not yet established but following developments have taken place which shows the possibility of bigger conspiracy  
  • The Kisan United Morcha is demanding the release of detained individuals.
  • There are indications of involvement by the ‘tukde tukde gang’ and communist movements in the security breach
  • Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun (a Citizen of the United States of America) has announced to give 10 Lakhs to all the conspirators and will bear the Legal fees

In the name of democracy, “Right to protest” and freedom of expression, it was found that many people are involved in anti-national activities. Mere suspension of the security staff at the parliament won’t resolve the issue. There is a need to get to the root of the conspiracy, It’s time to act, we all are waiting for the speech of the Honourable prime minister and the Home Minister on the incident. We can hope that stricter actions will be taken to put all the perpetrators behind the bars.

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